Top is an IOT Platform sold through the Solution Provider and IT/OT Channel only.

The core of the platform is the multi award winning IOT AEP middleware by Davra Networks but it is our partner ecosystem that makes one of the leading IOT Platforms as recognised by No.1 IT Partner Channel News Network CRN.

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Partner Program for Solution Providers and IT/OT Channel

  An IoT Application Enablement Platform

  Real IoT Solutions for your customers delivered in single platform

Program Overview

System Integrators and Service Providers are the glue that brings IoT Solutions together. IoT is an ecosystem play this is very well recognised and accepted by all. Typical Industrial IoT Solutions involve many companies including Sensor Companies, Gateway Vendors, Data Providers (Carrier), AEP Platform Companies and finally the end Customer Solution Company. Often the System Integrator or Service Provider pulls this entire Ecosystem Solution together and delivers it seemlessly to the customer. This program is about partnering those vital System Integrators and Service Providers with the AEP Platform and its strong ecosystem.

System Integrator and Service Providers - Why partner with

One Platform delivering
many solutions

Rapidly build new
and customised Solutions

Tailored IOT Training
AEP and Solutions

Exclusively priced for the
Solution Provider Channel

Distribution Model for
Channel Sales

Support Model designed
for Channel Sales

Single Platform for all
Sensors and Gateways

Market Development Funds
for top level partners

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