Top is an IOT Platform sold through the Solution Provider and IT/OT Channel only.

The core of the platform is the multi award winning IOT AEP middleware by Davra Networks but it is our partner ecosystem that makes one of the leading IOT Platforms as recognised by No.1 IT Partner Channel News Network CRN.

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General Description

Amongst the hype the multi awarding winning IoT AEP (Application Enablement Platform) by Davra Networks has quietly emerged as the No.1 AEP player globally. Davra is well known for trying harder and working harder to delight all customers. We appreciate talk is cheap and sometimes awards are expensive so the Davra Platform (ConnecThing) is totally free for up to 3 devices and priced strictly on a pay-per-play basis thereafter.

Datasheets and AEP Integrations

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Technical Features

CanBus, ModBus & OPC Support
CanBus, ModBus & OPC
20 MB Storage per device
20 MB Storage
Per Device
Full LPWAN Support
Full LPWAN Support.
LoRa, Sigfox NB-IOT
1000 Requests per device per month
1000 requests
Per device Per month
Simple and powerful data rules engine
Simple and powerful
Data Rules Engine
Embeded IoT GIS ESRI and Google
Embeded IoT GIS
ESRI and Google
Full Stack Fog Controller
Fog Controller
Full Stack
Device Management
Device and Lifecycle
Fully Integrated Video VMS
Video VMS
Fully Integrated
 Plug & Play Zero Touch Deployment
Zero Touch Deployment
Plug & Play
description here
Fully Functional Notifications
Email, Phones, Speakers
Integrations Open API and over 200 Cloud SAAS Solution
Integrations Open API
200+ Cloud SAAS Solution
Integrated Predictive Modelling
Predictive Analytics
Modelling & Lifecycle
Multi Tenanted
Full Multi Tenanted

Indoor Mapping Support
Indoor Mapping Support
ESRI & Google
Ecosystem and Partners

Over 65,000 Reseller and System Integrator Partners
Over 65,000 Reseller
& System Integrator Partners
Over 200 Sensors and Gateway Partners
Over 200 Sensors
& Gateway Partners
Resellers and SIs in every Country and Continent
Resellers and SIs in every
Country and Continent
Sales and Technical Training in 65 Countries (Fastlane)
Sales and Technical Training
in 65 Countries
Participating in over 150 Trade-shows globally
Participating in over 150
Trade-shows globally
Thousands of developer across the globe
Thousands of developers across
the globe
Certified and trusted by some of the largest IoT Vendors in the world including Intel and Cisco
Certified & trusted by Megavendors
 Market Development Funds available for key partners
Market Development Funds available for
key partners
MDF Funds
Over $500,000 Spent on Marketing Ecosystem annually
Joint Speaking Event Support
ConnecThing IoT Evangalists
Jonint Speaking

Compliance and Certification

Platform Marketectures and Videos
Customer Reviews
Joe Vowell 01/21/2017

" I first came across Davra and while I lead the IoT Solution Services team in Cisco. To deliver service across IoT an AEP was essential. My team reviewed many AEP platforms based on technical merit and GTM strategy alignment we shortlisted this down 2 IoT AEPs. Thingworx from PTC and from Davra. Both performed the job but outperformed in almost all areas of the IoT stack plus a big bonus was on well solutions that were built on ConnecThing actually looked. The Davra team is also a complete pleasure to work with which is a bonus.
Joe Vowell."

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!