Top is an IOT Platform sold through the Solution Provider and IT/OT Channel only.

The core of the platform is the multi award winning IOT AEP middleware by Davra Networks but it is our partner ecosystem that makes one of the leading IOT Platforms as recognised by No.1 IT Partner Channel News Network CRN.

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Program Overview

Your Sensors and Gateways power and provide the data for all IOT AEPs, Applications and Solutions without them the most powerful AEPs and Solutions are useless. It is important that your device is showcased in the best possible way in beautiful solutions built on top of a flexible and powerful AEP middleware. It is also important to have a global audience of Ecosystem partners and customers seeing the power of your sensor and/or gateway in action.

Why build my application on AEP?

Immediate global sales

Global Training across 65 Countries

Access Large Sensor and
Gateway Ecosystem

Market Development Funds
for top level partners

Easy deployment on Prem
or in the cloud

Full Fog Controller

Integrated LPWAN Support
Lora, Sigfox, NB-IOT

Full featured Development
SDK and APIs
How can I start using the IoT AEP Middleware?

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